Law and Forensic Science, Volume 13


  1. Mariola Lemonnier, Comparative Law and Financial Market
  2. Maciej Rzewuski, Legitimierende Funktion des Europäischen Nachlasszeugnisses im Lichte der Verordnung Nr. 650/2012 (Legitimate role of the European Certificate of Succession in the light of the Regulation No. 650/2012)
  3. Edyta Sokalska, The Crisis of Representative Democracy – Deliberative Democracy as the Legitimization of State and Local Authorities Continue reading “Law and Forensic Science, Volume 13”

Law and Forensic Science, Volume 11

Materials from the 6th Annual International  Conference on Comparative Law

  1. Paolo Ciocia, Solidarity as Link Between Public and Private Law Regulations within the Legal System
  2. Xianchu Zhang, Uncertain Road of Private Law Development in China: Recent Civil Law Codification
  3. Wojciech Łukasik, Ośrodek podstawowej działalności dłużnika (COMI-Center of Main Interests) jako łącznik jurysdykcyjny w transgranicznych postępowaniach upadłościowych. Stan obecny i jego krytyka a nowa regulacja. (Center of Main Interests «COMI» as a jurisdictional link of cross-border insolvency proceedings. The present state and its criticism vs. new regulations.) Continue reading “Law and Forensic Science, Volume 11”

Law and Forensic Science, Volume 10

Materials from the 5th Annual International Conference on Comparative Law

  1. Rafał Mańko, The Use of Extra-Legal Arguments in the Judicial Interpretation of European Contract Law: A Case Study on Aziz v Catalunyacaixa (CJEU, 14 March 2013, Case C-415/11)
  2. Renata Świrgoń-Skok, The impact of consumer law towards domestic law in the example of the timesharing contract
  3. Sławomir Kursa, Contractual Set-off in Roman Law and in Polish Law Continue reading “Law and Forensic Science, Volume 10”

Law and Forensic Science, Volume 9


  1. The Occurence And Diagnosis Of Biomarkers Of Ethyl Alcohol Consumption (Mateusz Woźniak, Marek Wiergowski, Marek Biziuk)
  2. Site Examination as a Source of Information Regarding Incidents Causing Threat to Public Safety (Krzysztof Krassowski)
  3. Identification of victims of a social building fire in Poland (Grażyna Zielińska, Andrzej Ossowski, Marta Kuś, Jarosław Piątek, Katarzyna Jałowińska, Piotr Waloszczyk) Continue reading “Law and Forensic Science, Volume 9”

Law and Forensic Science, Volume 7


  1. Game Theoretical Perspective tn the Unfairness of Contracts in a Common European Sales Law (Mariusz J. Golecki)
  2. Conditions of Fairness of Judgment under Civil Procedure (Edyta Gapska)
  3. Preliminary Studies for Identifying Graves From ca 1800 BC in South-Eastern Poland (Monica Abreu-Głowacka, Dorota Lorkiewicz-Muszyńska, Czesław Żaba, Anna Hyrchała, Bartłomiej Bartecki, Eliza Michalak, Witold Pepiński, Agnieszka Przystańska, Tomasz Kulczyk, Wojciech Kociemba, Michał Rychlik, Tomasz Danyluk) Continue reading “Law and Forensic Science, Volume 7”

UWM Law Review, Volume 5


  1. Circulation of Models and Centrality of Civil Codes in Latin American Private Law (Carlos Soriano Cienfuegos)
  2. Considerations on New Prospects for Inclusion in Higher Education in Brazil through the Law 12,688 of 18th July 2012 (Flavio Euphrásio Carvalho de Toledo, Eliana Franco Neme)
  3. Derivative Works: Some Comparative Remarks from the European Copyright Law (Ramūnas Birštonas) Continue reading “UWM Law Review, Volume 5”

UWM Law Review, Volume 3


  1. The obligatory preliminary ruling procedure and its enforcement in the Czech and Slovak legal order (Václav Stehlík)
  2. The sick person: from the emergence of its legal significance to the European Charter of Patients’ Rights (Michele Dionigi)
  3. Personhood and the Right to Life under the European Convention of Human Rights: Current and Future Challenges of Modern (Bio-)Technology (Stefan Kirchner) Continue reading “UWM Law Review, Volume 3”

UWM Law Review, Volume 2


  1. Urkunden zum neubabylonischen Gesellschaftsrecht (Alessandro Hirata)
  2. State Administration of Judiciary in Jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic: Several Remarks to the Conflicts Between Judicial and Executive Powers Concerning Administration of Courts (Michal Bartoň)
  3. Impact of the European Court’s Case Law on the Application Process of Community Law in EU Member States (Katarína Príkazská)
  4. Double “yes” to Lisbon Treaty – Double yes to the pooled sovereignty concept. Few remarks on two decisions of the Czech Constitutional Court (Ondrej Hamuľák) Continue reading “UWM Law Review, Volume 2”