Current issue

    The Regulation of “Passing-On” in the Directive 2014/104/EU

    Keywords: competition, damages, overcharges, passing-on

    Restrictions on the Use of Analogy in Law


    Transparency process in the pharmaceutical industry in UE. Disclosure of payments to heathcare professionals

    Keywords: EFPIA, payments disclosure, pharmaceutical industry, Sunshine Act, transparency

    Shame Sanctions and the Law in a Postmodern Perspective

    Keywords: modern shame-sanctions, postmodern mentality, psychoanalysis in social theory, rule of law: western civilization

    Psycholegal Opinion – Legal and Ethical Issues

    Keywords: Code of Professional Conduct, expert witness, judicial psychologist, standards of psychological assessment

    Military Contractors as Corporate Human Rights Holders: An Arctic Perspective

    Keywords: contractor, European Convention on Human Rights, European Court of Human Rights, mercenary, Private Military and Security Companies

    Liability of the State Treasury for Judicial Lawlessness

    Keywords: Illegal judgments, liability of a State Treasury

    Legal Analogy as an Alternative to the Deductive Mode of Legal Reasoning

    Keywords: analogical, applying, deduction, erroneous, fallacy, formalism, inference, law, positivism, reason by, scheme, thinking

    Online Mediation: Pros, Cons, Perspectives and Challenges

    Keywords: alternative dispute resolution, computer assisted mediation, computer based mediation, online dispute resolution, online mediation