Law and Forensic Science, Volume 10

Materials from the 5th Annual International Conference on Comparative Law

  1. Rafał Mańko, The Use of Extra-Legal Arguments in the Judicial Interpretation of European Contract Law: A Case Study on Aziz v Catalunyacaixa (CJEU, 14 March 2013, Case C-415/11)
  2. Renata Świrgoń-Skok, The impact of consumer law towards domestic law in the example of the timesharing contract
  3. Sławomir Kursa, Contractual Set-off in Roman Law and in Polish Law
  4. Edyta Sokalska, Historical and Philosophical Background of the Code of Obligations of 1933
  5. Franz-Rudolf Herber, Property, Expropriation and Socialisation According to the German Constitution in the Light of the European Economic and Philosophical History
  6. Maciej Rzewuski, Der Erbvertrag – Bemerkungen de lege lata und de lege ferenda (Contracts of inheritance – remarks on the law as it stands and the law as it should stand)
  7. Jakub M. Łukasiewicz, Marek Antas, The character of alimony benefit of increment
  8. Magdalena Rzewuska, Vertrag über die Bestellung einer Hypothek – Anmerkungen de lega lata und de lege ferenda (Mortgage contract – remarks de lege lata and de lege ferenda)
  9. Małgorzata Lewandowska, Analysis of legislative lawlessness against comparative legal analysis
  10. Luigi Lai, State Law and New Policies for Funding of Science
  11. Joseph P Garske, Anglophone Legal Culture in the Global Age: Fundamental Aspects


  1. Sieńko J., Ossowski A., Piątek J., Kuś M., Zielińska G., Jałowińska K., Kotowski M., Kędzierska K., Sulikowski T., Ziętek Z., Tejchman K., Ostrowski M., Borowiak K., Parafiniuk M., Evaluation of microchimerism after transplanting sexually non-compliant kidneys on the basis of DNA tests performed with STR-PCR method from peripheral blood and urine
  2. Anna Małkowska, Halina Matsumoto, Mirosław Szutowski, Magdalena Bamburowicz-Klimkowski, Marcin Łukasik, Determination of Ethyl Glucuronide in Human Urine – Method and Clinical Application
  3. Henryk Malewski, International Scientific – Practical Conference “Criminalistics and Forensic Examination: Science, Studies, Practice”
  4. Bronisław Sitek, Peculium – the Beginnings of the Concept of Limited Liability in Civil Law

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