Law and Forensic Science, Volume 11

Materials from the 6th Annual International  Conference on Comparative Law

  1. Paolo Ciocia, Solidarity as Link Between Public and Private Law Regulations within the Legal System
  2. Xianchu Zhang, Uncertain Road of Private Law Development in China: Recent Civil Law Codification
  3. Wojciech Łukasik, Ośrodek podstawowej działalności dłużnika (COMI-Center of Main Interests) jako łącznik jurysdykcyjny w transgranicznych postępowaniach upadłościowych. Stan obecny i jego krytyka a nowa regulacja. (Center of Main Interests «COMI» as a jurisdictional link of cross-border insolvency proceedings. The present state and its criticism vs. new regulations.)
  4. Ivan Seheda, General Peculiarities of Joint Venture Agreements in the States of Maghreb (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia)
  5. Maciej Rzewuski, Das europäische Privattestament (European private testament)
  6. Damla Gürpınar, The Civil Liability for Damages from the Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in Turkish, German and Austrian Law
  7. Fatma Itır Bingöl, The Lex Mercatoria and its Role in Turkish Arbitration Law
  8. Said Edaich, Islamic Financial Contracts: New process of acculturation
  9. Alessandro Hirata, Roman and Neo-Babylonian Private Law in a Comparative Legal History Perspective
  10. Magdalena Rzewuska, Die Eurohypothek (Eurohypothec)
  11. Karolina Pasko, Gradual Convergence in the Field of Termination for Breach of Contract: A European Perspective
  12. Edyta Sokalska, Historical Background and the Main Ideas of the American Uniform Commercial Code of 1952
  13. Bronisław Sitek, Good Faith: Intersystemic Factor of Business Integration
  14. Irmina Miernicka, Interdisciplinary Approach to Labour Law – Necessity or Redundancy?
  15. Tereza Kyselovská, Interaction of Intellectual Property Rights and Private International Law. Need for a Common Approach and Solutions


  1. Wanda Stojanowska, Amendments to the Law Relating to Minors
  2. Maciej Koszowski, The Scope of Application of Analogical Reasoning in Statutory Law

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All papers has been accepted on September 12, 2016.