Law and Forensic Science, Volume 12


  1. Carmen Estevan de Quesada,  The Regulation of “Passing-On” in the Directive 2014/104/EU
  2. Paulina Villanueva Piotrowska, Transparency process in the pharmaceutical industry in UE. Disclosure of payments to heathcare professionals
  3. Jonathan Hernandes Marcantonio,  Shame Sanctions and the Law in a Postmodern Perspective
  4. Stella Kamińska, Beata Kosiba, Ireneusz Sołtyszewski,  Psycholegal opinion – legal and ethical issues
  5. Stefan Kirchner, Military Contractors as Corporate Human Rights Holders: An Arctic Perspective
  6. Edyta Gapska, Liability of the State Treasury for Judicial Lawlessness
  7. Maciej Koszowski,  Legal Analogy as an Alternative to the Deductive Mode of Legal Reasoning
  8. Justyna  Glinka, Łukasz Chyla,  Online Mediation: Pros, Cons, Perspectives and Challenges