Law and Forensic Science, Volume 9


  1. The Occurence And Diagnosis Of Biomarkers Of Ethyl Alcohol Consumption (Mateusz Woźniak, Marek Wiergowski, Marek Biziuk)
  2. Site Examination as a Source of Information Regarding Incidents Causing Threat to Public Safety (Krzysztof Krassowski)
  3. Identification of victims of a social building fire in Poland (Grażyna Zielińska, Andrzej Ossowski, Marta Kuś, Jarosław Piątek, Katarzyna Jałowińska, Piotr Waloszczyk)
  4. The Agreement of Parents on the Exercise of Parental Authority and the Maintenance of Contact with the Child after Divorce in the Light of Art. 58 of the Family and Guardianship Code (Mirosław Kosek)
  5. Cognitive Efficiency within the Context of Legal Expert Knowledge. The Eye-tracking study on the Polish Legal Notaries (Mariusz Golecki, Marcin Romanowicz)
  6. The Law of Contract in the CESL draft: Some Remarks in a Historical and Comparative Perspective (Aldo Petrucci)
    Combatting Agricultural Subsidy Fraud: A Look Back at the Origins of European Criminal Law (Stefan Kirchner)
  7. Economic implications of widening the scope of notarial activities (Mateusz Bukaty)
    The Brazil Haiti Economic and Social Cooperation after the 2010 Earthquake: Challenges and Proposals to Improve Development and Financial Inclusion (Eduardo R P Veronese)
  8. Bitcoin as a mirror of regulatory policies in South America: How the methods of regulation of innovation work with bitcoin and follow previous trends (Eduardo R P Veronese)
  9. Bitcoin as Seen by the Private Law (Jakub J. Szczerbowski)

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