UWM Law Review, Volume 1


  1. Maximizing Social Minimums: Political Liberalism, Property Rights, and International Drug Patents, Mitch Avila
  2. Access to information of administrative officials in Max Weber’s perception of bureaucracy, Edyta Sokalska
  3. Society’s right to information on the natural environment under EU and Polish law, Magdalena Sitek
  4. The Right to Information And Knowledge: A Critical debate in Iranian law System, Fariba sanjari moghadam
  5. Right to Knowledge and Human Development in Asia, Thomas Hong-Soon Han
  6. Freedom of information in the global information society – the question of The Internet Bill of Rights, Joanna Kulesza
  7. The Employees’ Right to Information on Interference in Their Privacy in the Workplace, Joanna Markiewicz
  8. The Right of the Public to be Properly Informed under Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, Agata Dimmich