UWM Law Review, Volume 2


  1. Urkunden zum neubabylonischen Gesellschaftsrecht (Alessandro Hirata)
  2. State Administration of Judiciary in Jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic: Several Remarks to the Conflicts Between Judicial and Executive Powers Concerning Administration of Courts (Michal Bartoň)
  3. Impact of the European Court’s Case Law on the Application Process of Community Law in EU Member States (Katarína Príkazská)
  4. Double “yes” to Lisbon Treaty – Double yes to the pooled sovereignty concept. Few remarks on two decisions of the Czech Constitutional Court (Ondrej Hamuľák)

Proceedings of the Conference on Historical Roots of Contemporary Immovable Property Law (Olsztyn, February 26, 2009)

  1. Genesis of Fraud and its Projection in the Present-day Criminal Field (Silvestre Bello Rodriguez)
  2. The Publicity in the Transfer of Real Estate in Roman Law (José Luis Zamora Manzano)
  3. The Ways of Using the Public Places in Municipalities on the Turn of the Republic and the Principate and the Contemporary Similarities in Polish Self-Government Law (Bronisław Sitek)
  4. Protection from the Injury Threatening from Neighbouring Property in Roman law and Protection from the Anticipated Injury in the Art. 439 of the Polish Civil Code (Marek Sobczyk)

Students’ selected papers

Wrongful life: issue for modern European legislation (Adrian Szczudłowski)

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