UWM Law Review, Volume 3


  1. The obligatory preliminary ruling procedure and its enforcement in the Czech and Slovak legal order (Václav Stehlík)
  2. The sick person: from the emergence of its legal significance to the European Charter of Patients’ Rights (Michele Dionigi)
  3. Personhood and the Right to Life under the European Convention of Human Rights: Current and Future Challenges of Modern (Bio-)Technology (Stefan Kirchner)
  4. “Thinking on History” from Hannah Arendt’s perspective (Paweł Polaczuk)
  5. American Selection of Judges at a State and Federal Level (some aspects) (Edyta Sokalska)
  6. The influence of knowledge on economy in Polish voivodships and in the regions of the United Kingdom as measured by the Knowledge Economy Index (KEI) (Benedykt Puczkowski)
  7. Control and internal audit in local government (Paweł Romaniuk)
  8. Roman law as the basis of standardization of private law in the European Union member states (Bronisław Sitek)

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