UWM Law Review, Volume 5


  1. Circulation of Models and Centrality of Civil Codes in Latin American Private Law (Carlos Soriano Cienfuegos)
  2. Considerations on New Prospects for Inclusion in Higher Education in Brazil through the Law 12,688 of 18th July 2012 (Flavio Euphrásio Carvalho de Toledo, Eliana Franco Neme)
  3. Derivative Works: Some Comparative Remarks from the European Copyright Law (Ramūnas Birštonas)
  4. Democratization of Justice – The Selection of Judges as a Problem of Legal Ethics and the Separation of Powers (Stefan Kirchner)
  5. Risk management in public institutions (Paweł Romaniuk )
  6. Legal Criteria for Determining the Amount of Non-Pecuniary Damage (Eglė Šimkevičienė)
  7. Legal, Medical and Ethical Aspects Of Euthanasia (Monika Kotowska, Tomasz Kardacz)
  8. Loan Agreement in Financing Households (Bogdan Włodarczyk)
  9. Diplomatic Asylum on Humanitarian Grounds (Saulius Katuoka, Simona Leonavičiūtė)
  10. Scriptura und Buchdruck: Über die Ursprünge des Urheberrechts (Scriptura and Printing: On the Origins of Author’s Rights) (Mariagrazia Rizzi, Georg Jakob)

Book review

Jan Sobczak, Nicholas II – the Last Emperor of All the Russias. The Study of Personage and the Evolution of Power (Edyta Sokalska)

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