About LFS

Law and Forensic Science 1 is a peer reviewed open access journal featuring articles on a variety of subjects in the fields of law and forensic science.

Most articles appearing in the journal are written in English, although on occasion notable articles will also be published in other languages, accompanied by an English language abstract.

The journal was first conceived in 2007, and was officially launched in March, 2008. It was created in order to provide academics, students and practitioners with a truly modern, accessible, scholarly international journal. Starting 2013 the scope of the journal was extended to specifically embrace the issues of fast evolving modern forensic science.

Starting in 2018 we adopt a new model we call rolling release – a term inspired by open source software developers. This means all papers are published immediately after positive reviews (2 blind reviews per paper).

Should you like to contribute to our journal, we invite you to send in your paper for our review and publication. Further information is to be found in the ‘For Authors‘ section of this webpage.

Law and Forensic Science has been evaluated and indexed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland and publication in our journal is associated with 4 points on the Polish scientific grading scale.