Law and Forensic Science (formerly UWM Law Review, from November 2008 to June 2013) is a peer reviewed journal featuring articles on a variety of subjects in the fields of law and forensic science.

Most articles appearing in the journal are written in English, although on occasion notable articles will also be published in other languages, accompanied by an English language abstract.

The journal was first conceived in 2007, and was officially launched in March, 2008. It was created in order to provide academics, students and practitioners with a truly modern, accessible, scholarly international journal. Starting 2013 the scope of the journal was extended to specifically embrace the issues of fast evolving modern forensic science. New issues are published in June and in December.

Our journal is easily accessible through this webpage with both current and archived issues available in the form of PDF file without any fee or subscription scheme.

Should you like to contribute to our journal, we invite you to send in your paper for our review and publication. Further information is to be found in the ‘For Authors‘ section of this webpage.

Law and Forensic Science has been evaluated and indexed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland and publication in our journal is associated with 4 points on the Polish scientific grading scale.

Current issue

    The Regulation of “Passing-On” in the Directive 2014/104/EU

    Keywords: competition, damages, overcharges, passing-on

    Restrictions on the Use of Analogy in Law


    Transparency process in the pharmaceutical industry in UE. Disclosure of payments to heathcare professionals

    Keywords: EFPIA, payments disclosure, pharmaceutical industry, Sunshine Act, transparency

    Shame Sanctions and the Law in a Postmodern Perspective

    Keywords: modern shame-sanctions, postmodern mentality, psychoanalysis in social theory, rule of law: western civilization

    Psycholegal Opinion – Legal and Ethical Issues

    Keywords: Code of Professional Conduct, expert witness, judicial psychologist, standards of psychological assessment

    Military Contractors as Corporate Human Rights Holders: An Arctic Perspective

    Keywords: contractor, European Convention on Human Rights, European Court of Human Rights, mercenary, Private Military and Security Companies

    Liability of the State Treasury for Judicial Lawlessness

    Keywords: Illegal judgments, liability of a State Treasury

    Legal Analogy as an Alternative to the Deductive Mode of Legal Reasoning

    Keywords: analogical, applying, deduction, erroneous, fallacy, formalism, inference, law, positivism, reason by, scheme, thinking

    Online Mediation: Pros, Cons, Perspectives and Challenges

    Keywords: alternative dispute resolution, computer assisted mediation, computer based mediation, online dispute resolution, online mediation